Shop Updates for 2020

2019 was a hell of a year for No Gods No Masters. We had to undergo through some major changes – and we are still in recovery mode. Here’s what happened.

Flex Print is gone

We are very sad to announce that we no longer support Flex Printing. The company doing printing for our shop decided to completely discontinue flexography. We strongly think this is a bad decision and we tried to fight to keep this type of printing but unfortunately, we have no control over the final decision.

Pricing adjustments

During the last 10 years, we never increased the price of our t-shirts. Our model is based on low margins to offer clothing at affordable prices. In the past, we absorbed all of the pricing increases and we chose to reduce our margins instead of increasing the prices.

But recently, our printer increased their print cost by 50%, and for the first time ever we had to take a tough decision and adjust our pricing. The t-shirts are now sold at $16.67 instead of $15.49.

We are currently in talks with different companies to find a new print partner to reduce costs for our customers.

No new designs

During the summer of 2019, our printing partner introduced major changes in their system which means we had to completely re-write the backend of our shop. The migration was much more complicated than expected and it created a lot of serious technical issues. Since then, it is impossible to add new designs to our shop. We are still working to find a solution, but for now, we are not able to accept any new design submissions. This is why we didn’t add any new designs in 2019.

No more promotions

From time to time, we used to run limited-time promotions such as 15% OFF. This is because we were sometimes getting reduced pricing from our printing partner. Unfortunately, these discounts are no more provided and paid by our supplier, so we can’t offer them anymore.

We also had to adjust the discounts offered to non-profits.

Designer area

If you are a designer who is a member of the cooperative, please note that the partner area is currently going under maintenance. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to log in and view your statistics. We are working to fix this issue as soon as possible.

It’s here! Announcing the launch of our newly redesigned website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, Featuring a brand new look, more information on our products and simplified navigation.

This is the first major website redesign in 10 years, needless to say, the old version was long due for an update. We don’t use a third party software to run this website – we built our own. Our cooperative requires very specific needs so our website was entirely built from scratch by our web developers who have been working on tirelessly for over 1 year to make this possible.

We hope you like the changes and find it easier to find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know by e-mailing us.


New donations will be announced soon. – Cruelty-free clothing for animal lovers and vegan activists is a new shop built by the same team behind No Gods No Masters. You can find our classic Animal Liberation t-shirts collection along with many new vegan clothing.

To celebrate, we are offering free worldwide shipping on all orders from 29 Mar to Apr 2


ACTIVIST SHOP – We donate to animal rights charities and activist causes – your purchases contribute to build a better world and protect the animals! We already donated over $3000 to animal rights charities.

ETHICAL CLOTHING – All of our clothing is socially responsible and certified ethical by different fair labor certifications. We’re committed to bringing you sweatshop-free clothing with absolutely no forced labor.

100% VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE – We exclusively use 100% vegan products and inks, with no animal-derived ingredients and no animal testing. We also offer organic t-shirts certified Vegan by PETA. Shop without being complicit with animal cruelty!

WIDE PRODUCTS RANGE – Hoodies, tank tops, long sleeves, organic t-shirts, hang bags, caps, mugs, accessories, custom products and more! – Free worldwide shipping available


New t-shirt customization feature + summary of 2015 news

The new t-shirt designer is here !

T-shirt designer – features overview

  • Ability to change the design print color (flex print only)
  • 200 types of clothing and accessories to customize : t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, handbags, caps, phone cases, pins, etc.
  • White t-shirts with black prints are now possible.
  • Edit a t-shirt to modify the size of the design or where it’s located.
  • Add a print in the back or on the sleeves. Possibility of multiple prints (one front and one back)
  • Add your own text or your own image on our clothes


Note: A fee of 20% is charged by our printer for custom t-shirts. Total cost is $17.79 per shirt


Summary of 2015 news

-> New discounts are available, allowing for up to 15% off orders of at least 10 items. Wholesale prices are also available for 50 or more items.

-> New basket system: the baskets and transaction system has been completely redesigned from scratch to fix some bugs. A wishlist system has also been added.

-> Currency conversion: Our system now automatically detects the local currency (dollar or euro), thanks to geolocation. The system converts currency in real time with the daily exchange rate and then display the prices in your local currency.

-> New «responsive» webdesign : The structure of the website has been redesigned for better display on mobile devices. The interface now adapts to the screen size.

-> Designs identification : each individual t-shirt is now identified by a title and keywords. A search engine will be available to easily find what you are looking for.

-> New designs : new designers were hired to revitalize our inventory with about 300 new designs.

-> Several aspects of the interface has also been upgraded, many new features have been added to the back-end and we updated our security system.

We had to put our donations on hold to cover the cost of these major investments in our system, but we will be announcing new donations very soon.

New responsive webdesign


panier new
New shopping cart system

Reduced prices

– Locally produced t-shirts are now $1.00 less
– Long sleeved shirts are now $1.50 less
– Hooded sweatshirts and zip hoodies are now $3.00 less
– Tank tops are now $1.00 less

We managed to negotiate better prices with our supplier. Instead of increasing our profit margin, we prefered to reduce the prices for you 🙂 Enjoy!

Lower shipping prices and free shipping when ordering 4 t-shirts !

As explained on our website, works in partnership with a printer located in the United States and which also handles shipments. For several years, our main problem was the shipping cost for international orders : although the price was acceptable for residents of North America, the bill could easily double (or triple) for shipment to Europe.

Great news for our friends overseas : shipping prices have been reduced and are now 50 % to 75% cheaper than before, allowing our customers to save lots of money. The European residents will no longer be penalized by the geographical location of our shop and will pay the same price as if it would be a local order.
Postal delays have also improved : a package now takes about 10 days to arrive in Europe.

In addition, you can now get free shipping everywhere in the world with the promotion code «FREESHIPNI» (for orders of 4 t-shirts or more.) *

New rates for mail delivery :


* Note: For orders over $100, a maximum of $10 will be reduced to the cost of delivery when using the promotion code.

New hooded sweatshirts section & new designs !

As promised, has finally launched its Sweatshirts section! You will find all our designs already present on the shop on hoodies. Although the price may seem high to some, we touch a lower «profit» than on our other products. Product quality justifies the price, our quality Sweatshirts being above average quality that you would find elsewhere. Made of quality fabrics, the Sweatshirts are very durable, very soft and warm enough to keep you warm all winter!

Since the last 3 months, more than 200 new designs have been added to the shop. If you didn’t browse our news products yet, go for it!

New version of our website

After a major change in the way our printer handle the order, we had to re-write all the code of our website from scratch. After 2 months of full-time work, the new version of is finally online.

Most of the changes are internal but you will still notice a few new features. 60 new t-shirt designs were also added and more will be added soon.

More new features will come soon, among other there will be a spanish version and a sweatshirts section.

Pussy Riot singer wears a t-shirt !

A member of the russian anarchist-punk band Pussy Riot who is jailed for having sung an anti-putin song is wearing a t-shirt at the court. With all of the mediatisation around Pussy Riot, the t-shirt even ended up on the cover page of the New York Post !

Due to this, this t-shirt became one of our best seller. So we decided to give the money to the Free Pussy Legal Defense Fund

The concerned t-shirt can be found here :

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